Art Doesn’t Have to Match the Couch

After selling by black and white pencil drawings for many years, the one thing that I have tried to explain people is don’t worry about the color of the art, there are so many ways to introduce color with a black and white piece of art.  Use the frame and mat to introduce color. It can create a dramatic look.

Depending on if you choose equal measures black and white, more white, or more black, or some bright colors, the combo can lend itself to rooms that feel glamorous, mysterious or bright, and cheerful, technological or natural. 

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Dare to Appreciate Black and White


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To some, black and white are the absence of color, but I think black and white are the strongest colors of all. They can set the tone for all other colors to follow. Black and white evoke a simplicity and calm that can help to ease out the chaos of the outside world. Whether you choose to decorate in all black and white or add just a few pieces, black and white pieces always build a pretty picture.  For more of my drawings visit